Pictures, Tech Tips and Advice on our installation of a
ProCharger on our C6 Corvette. CONTINUED
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Mounting the supercharger
16. No real tricks to mounting the compressor. We put Lock Tite on the bolts that screw into the cylinder head and the supercharger.

Tip: The radiator will not lower down into the newly lowered cradle without pulling some of the hose off of the thermostat housing. See fig 3A below. This needs to be done before you mount the compressor, because you cannot get to the thermostat with the supercharger installed.

Fig. 3A
Venting the crankcase
17. Remove the PCV valve and plug the intake manifold where it was connected. Connect the supplied hose and T connector to the vent tubes from the valve covers and then connect the end of the hose to the end of the air cleaner as directed in the Procharger Manual. 
Replace the fuel injectors
18. The complete system comes with a set of 42# Bosch fuel injectors to replace the stock injectors. The Procharger manual gives pretty good instructions, but the instructions do not mention the metal brackets that get in the way of raising the fuel rail with the supplied spacers. There is a metal bracket at the back of each fuel rail that needs to bent backward a little before you unbolt the rails. The bracket wraps over the top of the fuel rail and you can take a crescent wrench and bend it backward so it no longer wraps over the rail.

19. Replace the o-rings on the 42# injectors with the supplied new bigger o-rings (if you get shorted the bigger o-rings you can use the o-rings off of the original injectors)

20. Install the the clips from the original injectors onto the fuel rail and snap the 42# injectors into place. Place oil on the lower o-rings before installing them back into the intake manifold.

21. Using the supplied fuel rail spacers (see fig. 3B) and longer bolts reattach the fuel rail.

22. Leave the engine covers off until you have checked for fuel leaks.

fig. 3B
Install vacuum manifold
23. Install the vacuum manifold into the power brake booster vacuum line as directed. This will be the vacuum source for the surge valve and the boost gauge.


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