Pictures, Tech Tips and Advice from our installation of a
Procharger Stage II Intercooled Supercharger system on a C5 Corvette.
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The information given below is only intended to be a supplement to the instructions
that Procharger provides with this supercharger system. We encourage our customers to
always read the Owners Manual that Procharger provides with their system.
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Old HO intercooler on the left and the new Stage II intercooler on the right
The new Intercoolers for the Stage II kit are 33% thicker and they actually seem to fit into the nose of the car better.

The new replacement radiator cradle easily bolts in place of the original one.

The lower air conditioner  hose is "Żl_" shaped and it has to be straightened out to make it long enough to let the radiator and a/c condenser go down into there new lowered and laid back position. We used a large C-Clamp and a block of wood to straighten the line. Be careful not to crimp or flatten the line. The top a/c line also needed minor adjustments.

Figure 3A

Figure 3B

The kit came with a piece of radiator hose and the hardware to extend the lower radiator hose.

TECH TIP: The Procharger manual shows that the hose that they provided is supposed to be trimmed, but we thought that it looked nicer and fit better installed untrimmed as shown in Figure 3A above. It also gave us even more length.

We had to trim about a inch off of the top radiator hose as shown in Figure 3B above. This was not mentioned in the Procharger manual either. The hose got into the traction control unit and became kinked without trimming it.

The sub-bracket mounted to the head easily and we used Lock Tite on the bolts to make sure it stays.

When mounting the bracket to the supercharger, be sure not to forget to install the long bolt that acts like a stud. See Figure 3C.

Figure 3C
The intercoolers bolt in easy enough after figuring out which bolt holes in the frame of the car to use.  The instructions talk about there being two bolts directly below the head lights, but there are three. Use the bottom two holes.

Installation of the intercooler tubes went smooth and required very little trimming.

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