Superchargers 4 Less C5 Corvette Procharger Installation Continued

        20. After receiving the computer back, we reinstalled it and the car cranked immediately. Now it was time to take it to the dyno. I strongly recommend that anyone that installs a supercharger take their vehicle to the dyno to have the air/fuel ratio checked.

        We chose to take our test car to Keith Kraft's shop in Dallas. See our pictures below.
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        "Thank you for your interest in our supercharger installation, I hope it helps anyone that is thinking about taking this big performance plunge...."  Mike Adkins, Owner of Superchargers 4 Less.

Special note: This Procharger HO Intercooled system survived 47,000 miles and will be seeing even more miles with it's new owner!
(I sent the compressor to Procharger for a "Check Up" before I sent it to
it's new home and it came up with a clean bill of health)

Time to upgrade to the New Procharger Stage II C5 Corvette system on our same Z06!

Join us, as we install the Procharger Stage II Intercooled system on the Superchargers 4 Less Corvette... "Go Here"

We are now a Distributor of Bassani Xhaust systems... "Go here" to see the new exhaust system.

If you have high speed internet service, "Go Here" to see the installation manual that Procharger provided with our system.

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