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ProCharger Carbureted and aftermarket Fuel Injected Chevy systems can support up to 2300 HP.

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ProCharger Superior Technology
Available for small block and big block Chevy engines, the intercooled and non-intercooled Carbureted and Aftermarket EFI ProCharger kits are made up of the best quality materials possible. Utilizing a patented high speed compound bearing design, these superchargers offers operating speeds unmatched by any other line of superchargers on the market. Lubricated with ProCharger’s own proprietary synthetic oil blend, the ultra rigid precision ground 9310 steel shafts and gears (mounted on super-precision, high speed bearings) transfer power from the engine to a CNC machined 7075 aluminum billet impeller, spinning it at an overdrive ratio of 4.70:1 for the C-2, 4.10:1 for the P-1SC and D-1SC, and 5.00:1–6.24:1 for the F-Series blowers. Equipped with gears designed for quiet operation, these unit packs a lot of power in a package that will fit under most hoods. Utilizing a 6061 billet serpentine drive pulley, these blowers are custom configured for your application at no extra cost.

Want to Turn it Up on the Weekends?
No problem. With a wide range of pulley sizes available you can quickly change boost levels to suit your needs. The mounting brackets, like the transmission case, are constructed from 6061 billet, providing a solid foundation for your ProCharger. The drive system utilizes an 8 or 12 rib drive system (cog option available for some models) with a rugged manual belt tensioner and oversized pulleys that provide maximum belt contact for peak power output. These kits also include a Low Profile, Standard, or Competition carb bonnet depending on the application, and the tubing required to boost your Holley 4150-style carburetor. These ProCharger superchargers also utilize an advanced helixed impeller capable of accommodating a broad range of applications, and can support up to 2300 hp on properly prepared small and big block engines.

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